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Real food for real folk...

Greek salad

Healthy but still hearty - Greek salald

Beer candied bacon

Michelle's own, award-winning beer-candied bacon.

Beer cheese dip pretzel

A warm pretzel with a home-made beer cheese dipping sauce.

Chicken kebobs

Juicy and tasty chicken kebobs

Chicken kebobs with roasted potatoes

Served variously with salad or roasted potatoes.

Pasta hearty meat sauce.

Pasta of your choice with a hearty meat sauce.

Fruits and fresh-baked breads

Fresh fruit, juices and fresh-baked breads and pastries await you as your choice of cooked breakfast is being prepared.

Breakfast scramble

Breakfast at Lovett's Inn & restaurant starts your day right - many choices and combinations available.

Breakfast pizzas

Michelle offers daily specials including breakfast pizzas both with, or without meats.

Freshly-baked breakfast breads.

Freshly-baked breads and cakes always available

Beautiful fresh fruit sculpture being prepared

Beautiful fresh fruit sculpture being prepared


Too pretty to eat - apparently not!

Photographs by Matt Gregory

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