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Lovett's Take Out Menu

Available from 6/18/ 2020,  Thursday - Sunday.

Tel: (603)-823-7761

OnLine ordering:

All Dinner menu items are available

for take out service.

Baked Goods: also with



Italian Rounds:

Small                                $2.59

Large                               $3.99

Sandwich Bread (white or wheat)  $2.99

Cinnamon Raisin                               $3.99 


Chocolate Chip  (dozen)                $2.99

Peanut Butter (dozen)                    $2.99

Coconut macaroons (dozen)         $3.99

Brownies  (dozen)                            $4.29 

Brownies with nuts              $  4.89

  • Fresh Baked Goods, available too.

  • Bottled beer and wine (only in manufacturers' original containers) can also  be sold - by order of the Governor, NH.

  • Menu "Family Meals" will be changed weekly and the menu will be subject to change due to supplies in the event we run out of certain items.

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